How could we show report on Role Center Page

Virin_LVirin_L Member Posts: 4

I want to show report on role center (home page) of Navision, is it possible to show report on page like Chart ?


  • neilgfneilgf Member Posts: 148
    Hi. Search for your report in search box in Nav, click on found link (not report but menu) and then when in view right mouse click, add to role centre. Neil
  • Virin_LVirin_L Member Posts: 4
    Hi Neil,
    Thank for reply, but my require is show report on red circle like image

  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    Do you want to show the output of the report on the rolecenter?
  • AlexDenAlexDen GermanyMember Posts: 76
    There is a page 2115 Report Viewer, you can try to use it.
    It's being executed from pages 2110 and 2113 (Nav 2017).
  • Virin_LVirin_L Member Posts: 4
    hi sorenhinrup
    yes, I want show out the report on rolecenter when we start RTC.
  • Virin_LVirin_L Member Posts: 4
    hi AlexDen,
    let's me check and test.
    thank you.
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