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Hi Guys,

Im settings up multitenancy (move to) on 3 tier setup

So NAV and SQL are seperate.
I have the scripts so far and now i want to move several companies to new databases.

I have tried the script:
NAV2017 CU2.1\WindowsPowerShellScripts\Multitenancy\NAVMultitenancySamples.psm1" -verbose
and from there: HowTo-MoveCompanyToTenant and HowTo-MoveCompanyToTenantRemotely

I have also a test environment where the nst and sql are running on the same box.
There i have used the script HowTo-MoveCompanyToTenant and this works succesfully
But for now im using the HowTo-MoveCompanyToTenantremotely... but this doesnt work.

at the moment im stuck at the session variable:
HowTo-MoveCompanyToTenantRemotely -CompanyName 'Test' -FromDatabase TEST -NewTenantName TEST1 -OldTenantName default -ServerInstance TEST -DatabaseServer DBSQL -RemoveCompanyWhenMoved -true -ServiceAccount 'domain\administrator' -ToDatabase TEST1

then im getting:
cmdlet HowTo-MoveCompanyToTenantRemotely at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:

Is there anyone who has experience with this?
What do i have to do to solve it?


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    Have you found any solution for this issue?
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