How many records list page loads on open?

Hi everyone, i tried to google question but maybe i dont know how to formulate it correctly so need some living human beings help :)

I want to know how many records list page loads after it opens, i thought it works similar to SETRANGE loading some predefined amount of records in one query... But i was not sure so tried to count records in OnAfterGetRecord by adding +1, and the result was 44, i tried to understand mechanics, changed resolution and resized page then opened it in smaller size but there was always 44 records. Of course if i would go through the list there would be more records counted.

So now iam curious about it :) And question rise from discussion of performance penalty of adding FlowField "Description" from Jobs table (having 5K-10K records) to custom page based on Time Sheet Lines (filtered to ~100 records usually) table witch contains Job No. In my opinion penalty would be hardly noticed in any circumstances while using PKey an no heavy calculations. But my opponent had point about MSFT getting rid of FlowFields in Standard and using FactBoxes. In some situations i do not see FactBoxes that usefull though.

So do i count records right? We are on 2017 in Azure cloud, dont know about CU.

Thanks in advance!


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