Big performance difference between winclient and web client for pages 232 and 233!

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Hi there,

In NAV2017, I notice a huge performance difference on pages 232 (Apply Customer Entries) and 233 (Apply Vendor Entries) between the windows and the web client - when it concerns vendors or customers that have a lot of open entries.

My scenario:
- Open a vendor card (or customer card) for one that has a lot of open ledger entries (> 350 in my case).
- Choose 'Ledger Entries'
- Choose an open entry and click 'Apply Entries'.
- An overview of open entries to apply with appears (this is page 232 or 233).

In the windows client, it will take a little time for the page to fill with records, but that's very acceptable. More records are only fetched when I scroll down.
In the webclient however, the page starts building up and it keeps fetching and fetching more lines WITHOUT me scrolling with the mouse! The scroll bar on the right grows and grows, and after a minute or so the whole thing comes to a halt. Sometimes I manage to close the browser window, but most of the times it gets non responsive.

We are currently on NAV2017 cu7.

Does anybody have a clue if this is a platform issue or if it's in business logic? My first guess is the first, because the winclient works acceptably fast...
And is there already a solution? I can't find anything in the releasenotes of the later cumulative updates...

Best regards,

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    Accepted Answer
    I just found out that the property PageType was the problem... Pages 232 and 233 are of type Worksheet (untouched by our solution, so also in Cronus). In the webclient, this results in endlessly fetching records plus the fact that the 'totalling tab' at the bottom of the screen (with the summed Applied amount, Amount to Apply and other totals) is completely pushed off further down the screen with every record fetch...

    I changed the PageType to List and it seems to work fine now! No more endless record fetching and the 'totalling tab' at the bottom of the screen stays perfectly in place. Scrolling down through the ledger entries gives me new records if needed, so it seems to work.

    I'm going to test it further so see if there are some pitfalls to this solution, but all looking good for now.

    Best regards,


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    maybe use the profiler to see if there are performance issues?
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