What Table does NAV store Item Tracking (Serial Number) information on?

Where does NAV store Item Tracking information for production orders? In this particular case, we are trying to figure out where NAV stores the serial number so we can retrieve that data to automate the printing of property stickers of items being manufactured. The Production Order Lines table has a lot of useful information for what I am trying to accomplish but doesn't have any of the Item Tracking information. I can also see that the serial number is recorded on the Item Ledger Entries after output from the Production Journal is posted, but I can't figure out where that data is stored prior to completing/posting output of a finished production order. What table should I be looking for to see this data?


  • OfficeZierOfficeZier Member Posts: 5
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    item tracking is configured in temporary table 336 - Tracking Specification on Page 6510 Item Tracking Lines. Which is then transfered to table 337 - Reservation entry

    If you want to see all Item Tracking Entries via Client, there should be a Page named "Item Tracking Entries" somewhere, but I'm not sure where.
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