Try to understand All the solution Set of Microsoft Dynamics - Business Centrale within Dynamics 365

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Hi all,

I am trying to understand all the dynamics solution set of Microsoft .

I use to deploye Microsoft Dynamics Nav from 2009 to 2018 Version with RTC only ( web client not very apreciated by my client)
Since some month , I can read all over the net that business central have been release.

I understand that it is the new Dynamics Nav name.

But , there is a lot more product Name , and i am a little bit confused about what they are and what the difference between all of them, and all the possible connection between them.

I have found :

- Dynamics Business Central essential = ERP NAV , and Premium = ERP AX ?
- Dynamics Finance and Operation
- Dynamics 365 For ; Financials - Retail - Sales - marketing - Field service - Custome Service -Talent
- Dynamics Unified Operation Plan

A lot of product name , but I am completely confused of what all are exactly compare to the Dynamics Nav Product ( Cloud base or on premise )
I use to implement Dynamics Nav on premise , and I know that I will have to be up to date about this new era of Dynamics Solution.

For now, I am focus to find out a solution for Using Dynamics Nav ( Business Central essential ) , and have a solution for store which need to have a cashier offline mode, and a tools for the salesperson which let them demonstrate all a catalog of item , photo, etc. and to take order.
I read that Dynamics for Retail could be the product for that need, but it is connected with the Dynamics Business Central back office to synchrinise the Customer Card and invoice and sales statistic, Item Card ( photo, quantity available , UOM, etc.... )

Can you help me to understand this , or some link which could explain the issue ?
thanks you all

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  • samausdensamausden Member Posts: 4

    Microsoft released Business Central this year, essentially it is 'NAV in the cloud' as they are both focused on medium sized businesses, however BC is designed to be accessible by smaller companies who have outgrown a finance system and need an ERP system.

    As for Finance and Operations, this is also cloud based and is a version of NAV with less functionality. it includes:
    • Finance Management
    • Supply Chain
    • Warehouse Management
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Talent
    • Cloud Services
    from what I understand it is based on small or large companies who need an out the box ERP system that can be modified if necessary.

    I believe that Dynamics 365 for financials has now been replaced with either Finance and Operations and BC (depending on what the client needs)

    The last section is where my knowledge is a bit shaky, I believe what happened was Microsoft took Dynamics AX (essentially a larger version of NAV) and split it into three modules. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, Dynamics 365 for Retail and Dynamics 365 for Talent.
    This then means they can sell them individually and also as a package (now called either Dynamics AX or The Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan)

    This is the extent of my knowledge and they may be some gaps that someone else can fill in. But i hope this helps.
  • moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41
    Thanks you for your answer.
    glad to know I am not the unique person who is confused with all the new offer.
    I will continu to investigate , and post some news if I can found out a effective answer of my question.

    thx u
  • moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41

    So seems that all this set :

    -Dynamics 365 Is AX base
    See all the plan available
    Dowloading the licence Guide explain all lot of thing

    - Dynamics Business Central is an other Tools, and it is base on Dynamics NAV.
    - and no connexion are possible with the module of Dynamics 365 , exepted with the Dynamics 365 For Sales ( this is the Old CRM version ).

    So my need :
    Use Business central ( nav ) on premise, as a back office , and the module Retail of Dynamics 365 , in order to be able to use it in store and on salesperson who are on the road to take order for current customer with a catalog, and an offline mode then synchronize all the order recorded in the mobile device are impossible....

    for that , need to start using Dynamics 365 unified Operation.. that is Ax based, and I don't now how to use it neither customize it...
  • moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41
    thanks a lot
  • moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41
    Thank you.
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