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In a Database we have 2 companies. when i run the report i get Data from 1 Company . I want to get some Data in this particular report from Other Companies Item Ledger Entry table.

We can say i want to create a single report combining data from both Companies. I am using Navision 2013.



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    It is possible but requires a lot of coding.

    Look at CHANGECOMPANY function on a rec variable - it enables yout to switch company on a record. But its scope is limited - it only changes company in the record var on which it is called. It means that you would need to change company on every single record var used on your report, and each time after a record var is cleared (CLEAR(RecVar)) or reset (RecVar.RESET);

    You report structure needs to look like this
    DataItem Company
      DataItem [Your header table]
          DataItem  [Your details table]
    And the in Company - OnAfterGetRecord:
    [Your header table].CHANGECOMPANY(Company.Name);
      [Your details table].CHANGECOMPANY(Company.Name);
      [Your global table var 1].CHANGECOMPANY(Company.Name);
      [Your global table var 2].CHANGECOMPANY(Company.Name);
      //...and so on

    On the top of this in every single place in he report where you use a local rec var, or have a call to RESET/CLEAR on a local or global rec var you also need to add "your var".CHANGECOMPANY(Company.Name); statement
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