Export Data in csv from Query using Reports

mobilenavmobilenav Posts: 6Member
Hi all,

I have a requirement for fetching and exporting the data in csv format using Query. I need to use this query only to fetch the data and a report to export the data using file stream to write it to the csv file. Can anyone suggest how can i do that?

Thanks in advance.


  • robbonickrobbonick Posts: 38Member
    edited 2018-06-07
    Check this documentation, it is simple...no report needed

  • lubostlubost Posts: 529Member
    You can run the query and export data.
  • mobilenavmobilenav Posts: 6Member
    If i use saveascsv it does not save the data in ANSI encoding. File is to be saved using Windows encoding (ANSI).So i need to ASCII--ANSI encode output
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