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xenonxenon Member Posts: 30
Hello all
I have a table in NAV (part of a third-party solution) that contains, among other things, a field "Stored FilePath" and that has hundreds of entries like "\\servername\documents\filename.pdf". However, the server is retired and now I want to change "servername" within that string to "newservername" whilst (obviously) retaining the rest of the filepath in the string. Can anyone give me any pointers on how I can achieve this?
Many thanks.

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  • RemkoDRemkoD Member Posts: 100
    I think you can use rapidstart for this.
    1. Make a rapidstart package for this table
    2. Export the table data to excel
    3. Use in excel find and replace (Ctrl + H)
    4. Import the excel sheet in the rapidstart package
    5. Apply package
  • xenonxenon Member Posts: 30
    Thank you both for your quick answers. I'm unfamiliar with rapidstart so I used Slawek's SQL query which worked perfectly. Many thanks, Slawek!!
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