Dynamics NAV 2018 – Extension V2 – Challenges with VSC-AL and internal objects

Should there be a clever person out there who has an answer to the 2 following questions

1. NAV system tables not recognized in VSC-AL:[/b]
“The type or method 'XXX' cannot be used for 'Extension' development”
Where ‘XXX’ is defined as a Record var pointing to a system table,
e.g. Table 2000000072 Profile
T. 2000000022 File
T. 2000000112 Server Instance
T. 2000000076 Web Service

2. Use/Reference of functions on standard objects defined as Internal
“The type or method 'XXX' cannot be used for 'Extension' development”
Where ‘XXX’ is a function on a standard table or codeunit,
e.g. Table 900, Assembly Header, fct. AddBOMLine, property FunctionVisibility = Internal
T. 901, Assembly Line, fct. ValidateDueDate, property FunctionVisibility = Internal

Best regards,

Bent Korsgaard


  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,281
    I see two observations, but not a single question. What is it that you want to know?
  • MrBensenMrBensen Member Posts: 2
    I will try to elaborate

    Since System tables are no longer accessible, what are the alternatives? How to create a Profile for Role Center programmatically now?

    The add-on is based on standard functionality which is no longer accessible, since they are internal. What is the recommended approach?
    Is there a list of functionality no longer accessible and alternatives somewhere, so we can reprogram it?

    Hope this makes sense?
  • davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,279
    Come to Mibuso TechDays where you will find many answers and many knowledgeable people. Also sign up for 2 days of the pre-conference workshops before they are all filled up.
    Well worth the money.
  • MrBensenMrBensen Member Posts: 2
    Hi David

    A very good suggestions, we have been there the past 3 or 4 years. That does not help us right now, though. Since we aim to have a solution out in a couple of months we cannot wait for november to get started :)
  • heryhalimheryhalim Member Posts: 4
    Hi guys,
    Do we have any update / solution for those questions? Mind to share? Thanks.
  • welanderwelander Member Posts: 20
    edited 2018-11-13
    First: profiles se this:


    I have not yet worked with it but i seems to be the way.

    Second: Every time i need to use some functionality which is not accessible from AL mostly functions on tables and in codeunits, i look into the code and if possible copy it or re-write it, this is not allways possible but there is not one single approache to it, every day you learn more and more of what can be done and what can not be done. Look in the code for event triggers there is a lot now, and be aware that you some times needs to re-think your solution to get it to work.

  • heryhalimheryhalim Member Posts: 4
    hi welander,

    Thank you for your feedback and advise.

    Look like beside requesting microsoft to change the functionVisibility to external, the only approach is to copy it or re-write it if possible.
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