Has anyone replicated G/L Analysis by Dimension in RTC?

DradDrad Member Posts: 1
Hi All,

I have recently upgraded a client from NAV 2009 R2 Classic to NAV 2016.

Their biggest pain point at the moment is to do with G/L Balance by Dimension.

They don't like the new way of running it (setting all your filters and options and then clicking Overview) because it was easier to use in the old version.
They like to click back and forward between periods and period types.

I have attempted to create an all-in-one page with options and filters at the top and a sub-page with the matrix. It's a bit buggy and it's quite slow - especially when scrolling.

Has anyone created anything similar with better results?

Alternatively, has anyone created a custom matrix control for RTC? The old Matrix Box made this kind of form very easy to create.
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