Edit Reclas. Dimensions and Edit Dimension Set Entries

kanikakanika Member Posts: 229
edited 2018-06-21 in NAV Three Tier
NAV 2017 (version 10.0.19421)

Hi experts!! thanks in advance!!

I need to edit dimensions in posted documents.

I see that there are the pages 480 Edit Dimension Set Entries and 484 Edit Reclas. Dimensions

They are supposed to be precisely what I need, but they do not work or I do not know how they work

Does anyone know how they go?


  • colingbradleycolingbradley Member Posts: 162
    The posted entries will not allow such a change.
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  • AgannaloAgannalo Member Posts: 9
    kanika wrote: »
    NAV 2017 (version 10.0.19421)
    I need to edit dimensions in posted documents.
    For such a thing You need function to generate new dimension set ID based on dimensions that You wish to set. After that, replace old one in posted document and all related entries with the new one.
    Without additional functionality, You can achieve changing dimension only by correcting document with "Credit Memo" or "Reverse Transaction".
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