Warehouse Control System

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Warehouse Control System
Mobile cross-platform solution for visualizations of Warehouse Management System module of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Simple setup process and changing WMS in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Create/modify/delete Locations, Zones, Bins, Racks - new functionality
Fast reorganization of warehouse structure
Visual search
User defined functions of selecting bins on location scheme
Warehouse Control System is a GitHub open-source project: https://github.com/OlegLobakov/WarehouseControlSystem

Language: C#, CAL
Architecture: Xamarin Forms, MVVM, NAV Web-services
Supported platform: Android, UWP (Windows 10), iOS (coming soon)
Warehouse Control System can be base for your WMS solutions. Join us!


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    Thank you very much for this. Let me explore it and revert.
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