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I'm trying to add leader dots to some captions in a 2017 RDLC report like the leader dots property in Classic reports.
I'm using the following in the textbox expression, but the "leader dots" gets pushed to the next line, and thus is not visible.
=Parameters!Item_Ledger_Entry_ManItemNoCaption.Value & StrDup(100,".")

If I only add a few dots, they are visible.
Any way to supress the line break?

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    Just some additional info. The caption is "Item No.".
    If I just use "Item", it works. "Item No. " doesn't work either.
    The space makes it break the line.

    Replace spaces with non breaking spaces.
    =Replace(Parameters!Item_Ledger_Entry_ManItemWeightCaption.Value," ",Chr(160)) & StrDup(100,".")
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