Carriage return into a text variable on Word Layout report

pcolinapcolina Posts: 4Member

I have a problem with some data formating into a Custom Word Layout report. Here is my case:

I have a data item which i represent with a repeater in the custom word layout. On the aftergetrecord of this dataitem, I fill a text variable wtih some data, but I need to introduce a Carriage Return inside that text variable, in order to achieve to display that text variable in two different lines in the field in the word layout.

For example, in my text variable I have "TEXT1 TEXT2". I need to display this text on two lines in the field of the Word Layout. Like this.


I'vre tried different solutions like:

but anything has worked.

Does anyone have achieved such thing?


  • pcolinapcolina Posts: 4Member
    DEbbuging the process I've found that inside NAV the text variable already has applied the Carriage Return, so it seems that somehow, Word is replacing that "character" with a blank space.

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