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maffyoozmaffyooz Member Posts: 11

I need to create a report using Navision 3.70 which details stock items including:
The last 3 months sales history (ie sales for May, June & July 2005)
The average sales total over the last 3 months (ie the above totals div by 3).

I cant for the life of me produce a reoprt that does the above, please help. Are there any web sites you guys know off that can help specifically with Navision reoprts?



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    csimoneauxcsimoneaux Member Posts: 168
    The closest example you could use would be the Aged Accounts receivable report. Use it as a guide to create a new report.
    Good Luck.
    That should be a fun report to create. But look at it this way. Once you have finished...you will be able to tackle major modifications and have a much better understanding on how report writing works.
    :lol: \:D/
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