Filtering the Inbuilt Lookup Page

chrisdfchrisdf Posts: 80Member

For a long time I have been trying to find a way to filter the in built lookup page in the role tailored client. The "find as you type" method on fields such as "No" on the Sales Line has been a great new feature but it is difficult to filter.

You can clearly design a look up page to defeat the inbuilt functionality and then apply filters to that page - but then you lose the find as you type feature.

You can also use the "Table Relation" to filter the lookup so long as it is a constant e.g Blocked = No (or something like that).

However, what I really want is the ability to filter the find-as-you-type lookup to restrict the list dynamically based on Customer criteria e.g. one customer is allowed to buy a certain range of products and another customer is allowed to buy a different range.

It's easy to apply a filter to Page 46 and create a flowfilter etc. However, even with that in place the find-as-you-type lookup does not respect the filter on the sub page.

Does anyone know a technique where you can apply a dynamic filter to the find-as-you-type lookup feature?

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