Redirect URL for WebClient (2018) not working / Adding multiple subsites (1 per NAV-instance)

NAV version: Dynamics Nav 2018 11.0.19394.0
IIS: v. 10
OS: Win Srv 2016


Running into what I think is a weird error when trying to deploy multiple subsites (1 per NAV-instance), this is our setup now in the IIS:

One "Application Pool" that both the "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Web Client" and "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Help" is using.
Under the "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Web Client" we have two "applications";
these in turn have the physical path of "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\OurNavInstance1" and "...\OurNavInstance2" and the virtual path of "/OurNavInstance1" and "/OurNavInstance2".

---> App Pool
--> Site
-> OurNavInstance1
-> OurNavInstance2

Externally (Trying to use the frontfacing URL):
(redirects me to after login) > "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied."

If I append "OurNavInstance2/SignIn?ReturnUrl=%2Fournavinstance2%2F" to the URL above then I automatically get into NAV since I auth:ed earlier however this is not something I want for our end-users naturally.

Internally (on the IIS-server when browsing the "OurNavInstance2"-application):
(redirects me to after login)
http://localhost:xxxx/OurNavInstance2/ > Works

I've followed the documentation here:

Now forgive my ignorance of the IIS, for NAV 2017 we didn't have any issues setting up a virtual directory which in turn contains one "application" and then we had:
and so on and login and logout works perfectly.

Would be happy to provide any other information you would need to help and do appreciate your help.


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