about g/l entry field in nav 2017

bharathnanbharathnan Member Posts: 92
Hi guys ,

I have an issue with the g/l entry table.whenever i post a payment for a customer/vendor the field that i created in g/l entry must be updated along with bal.account type.

For example,

Bal. account type Customer/Vendor Name

Vendor London postmaster

Like this i want to update it for vendor and customer in g/l entries page.

Please advice.

Warm Regards,

Bharath K


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 611
    Your goal is to modify code in G/L Entry table - there are functions called from posting codeunit.
  • bharathnanbharathnan Member Posts: 92
    Thanks for your reply lubost..
    But I cant get you what you are trying to say I want bal.account type linked with vendor\customer field.
    In that case whenever I make a payment for an invoice for a vendor or customer the both the fields should be populated in the g/l entry table.
    Please explain me in details.

    Bharath K
  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 611
    Why you want this? All you want is linked in Customer/Vendor Ledger Entry and their detailed subtables in standard NAV. Why duplicate that in G/L Entry?
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