link b/w customer or vendor table with G/L entry table

Good day to all,
I am having a field in G/L entry table "vendor or customer name " which should be populated when "G/L acccount name" field is given as Vendor or customer.
So here is my exact Question i need to know the link between customer Or Vendor table with G/L entry table. once it populated in G/L entry table it should also updated in customer ledger entry and vendor ledger entry..Any Guidance is really helpful and appreciable.

Thanks in advance

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  • YuryYury Member Posts: 59
    Hi, Mohamed
    Use "Source Type"/"Source No." combination of "G/L Entry" to get a link.
    Moreover, VLE and CLE are created before posting of Gen. Jnl. Line to GLE.
  • mohamedkiyasmohamedkiyas Member Posts: 10
    Hi Yuri,

    Yeah ,"Source Type/Source no." having customer and vendor details,but i need to populate the new field which i given in G/L entry table whether it is customer or vendor name.
  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 607
    Your approach is hard to understand, because Account Type and Balance Account Type. In my opinion you should rethink your model.
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