Opening Different Prod. Orders for WIP Items which has defined BOM on Item Card

barandenizbarandeniz Posts: 42Member
Hello guys, i need a way to create separate Prod. Orders for a Prod. Order which requires items that can be produced by the company. For example i need to manufacture Item A. It consumes Item B + Item C. We need to manufacture Item B and we need to buy Item C. I want to create the Prod. Order for Item B when we create Prod. Order for Item A.


  • YuryYury Posts: 59Member
    Hi, did you try Planning Worksheet and carry out actions from it lines? Items/SKU cards should be filled properly.
  • golfergolfer Posts: 56Member
    You can set Manufacturing Policy to Make-to-Order on both A and B. Then you will get B on the same prod.order as A and produce B first to the be consumed in A. This also enables you to make order specific changes on the B item to be consumed in that particular A. If B is always configured the same, then the above mentioned option to create the order for B through Planning Worksheet is an alternative
  • tirthankar_btirthankar_b Posts: 8Member
    Hi, You can check with Make to Order and Reordering policy as lot - or lot...
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