Showing VAT posting error in Subcontracting worksheet

Somnath_52Somnath_52 Member Posts: 10
When we run the carry out action message from Subcontracting worksheet, its showing " The VAt posting setup dose not exist. Identification fields and values: VAT posting group=N/A, VAT prod. posting group="

Please help me.


  • tirthankar_btirthankar_b Member Posts: 8
    You need to make VAT posting setup for the combination of N/A as VAT posting Group and 'space' as VAT Prod. Posting Group
  • Somnath_52Somnath_52 Member Posts: 10
    Thank you Sir for your valuable reply. I have made all the VAT setups which you mentioned above, after that also its showing same error.
  • krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,086
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  • tirthankar_btirthankar_b Member Posts: 8
    Hi Somnath,
    Try to re-generate the lines in the subcontracting worksheet then carry out action message.

  • Somnath_52Somnath_52 Member Posts: 10
    Hi Tirthankar Sir,

    I have done the same, but problem not solved yet.Its showing same error.
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