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JuhlJuhl Posts: 604Member
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Hi guys
Just playing around with extensions on a D365BC preview Docker image, and ran in to a question.

Can i create a Extension with say a Codeunit with some functions in it.
And then create another Extension that uses these functions.

AL dosent see it, even when downloading symbols after the first extension is installed.

There is a command in AL to Download SourceCode, but it dosent work, and i dont know what its for.

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  • MesutGMesutG Posts: 15Member

    You can use extension objects . You must use "Run" function an "extension ID". For Example

  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 604Member
    That works :-)

    But what if I want to call a function in that codeunit?
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  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 604Member
    Ok, as a workaround.
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  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 604Member
    Thanks Mohana
    Will check it out after Easter
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  • DenSterDenSter Posts: 8,119Member
    By the way, when you set up the dependency, rebuilding the package for extension B will also get the symbols for extension A, and so does hitting F5 or Ctrl+F5. Try it, delete the .app file for extension A from the workspace for extension B and see what happens when you rebuild the .app file
  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 604Member
    Thanks :-)
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