SO to PO: auto-verify lines

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Hi there

Imagine the following scenario for a trading company using 3.7:

- A customer orders some items
- A PO is drawn up for all items using Req. Worksheets
- Soon afterwards, the same customers decides to increase the order qty
- The original (open) SO is therefore adjusted to reflect the new qty
- The orginal PO (if still open) is automatically updated to reflect the change

Does Navision already have functionality to check for POs made from SO lines and consequently asks the user "An open PO already exists for this sales line, would you like to update the PO?"
I seem to remember seeing something like this before but.........
Any advice/guidance about all this would really be appreciated. Thanks.


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    May be that something as "Special order" helps you... what I can remember, it is PO connected to SO...
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