Intangible Fixed assets

OokoOoko Member Posts: 17
I have two questions in regards to intangible fixed asset. How do I create intangible fixed asset e.g leasehold improvements in NAV? Do I create them as I do with the tangible fixed assets or as a G/L account. If I create them as normal tangible assets how then do I amortize these leasehold improvements since only tangible assets depreciates intangible assets don't. And does that mean everything else remains from bringing in acquisition cost through FA g/l journal and calculating depreciation.
And if a create them as G/L accounts how then will I amortize/Expense them. Kindly include an example it will help understand.
How do i setup unit of production as a methord in calculating depreciation.The unit of production=(Acquisition cost-Salvage value)/Estimated unit to be produced then multiple by the actual unit produced.
How do i setup this fomular in NAV using the standard methord of depreciation available.
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