Nav 2018 crash on "customize this page" for item card/list

borealisborealis Member Posts: 35
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We're running the base 2018 11.0.19394 but I did go over the CU 1-3 notes and did not see anything that might address this issue. I was able to verify the crash on multiple computers and with multiple different client service tiers. Anybody else run into it or know of a fix? One of our clients very much wants to customize the item card.

Edit: Note, running Swedish localization with the latest version of SweBase. No idea if that is relevant.


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    PropsProps Member Posts: 1
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    For me this only happends in the Item List.

    Open the Development environment.
    Change the Item List page field property to visible = TRUE.
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    borealisborealis Member Posts: 35
    Sorry, which property? Visible is a property on the repeater and on the individual fields but not on the page. Is there a specific field that when hidden causes the crash?
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