Cannot correct this posted sales invoice because an item is used on a sales order

robthemobbrobthemobb Posts: 12Member
Hi folks,

while reversing a sales invoice, NAV checks whether it's allowed or not. Some parts are tested by CU 1303 function TestSalesLines. There, the presence of a sales order number in the to the invoice corresponding delivery note is checked:
IF SalesShipmentLine.GET(SalesInvoiceLine."Shipment No.",SalesInvoiceLine."Shipment Line No.") THEN BEGIN
        IF SalesShipmentLine."Order No." <> '' THEN

The sales order is deleted by now (as every posted sales order). Why is NAV checking the sales order number within the delivery note? How can I reverse this invoice (without creating a credit memo manually)?

Help is appreciated!


  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 141Member
    Hi robthemobb

    Seems like the source you quoted means system does not allow we to cancel(reverse) a posted sales invoice which is created by "Get Shipment Line" in Sales Invoice.
    (otherwise the "Shipment No." in Sales Invoice Line will be blank.)
    And the reason for that restriction is maybe it is too complicated for system to deal with? Just my guessing.
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