Upgrading from Nav 4.0 to Nav 2018

MathanMathan Member Posts: 55
Hi everyone,

Can someone suggest the best path or approach to upgrade from Nav 4.0 to Nav 2018? Any advice would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    MathanMathan Member Posts: 55
    Thank you soo much for the detailed response, Based on your suggestion, I really do believe that re-implementation is the best option rather than upgrading the code. Regarding the Data upgrade its just as you stated, Need to check up on all the things. I do have a couple of things to ask.

    1.) Is there an Online version of nav available? If so can we upgrade from Nav 4.0 to a Nav online version just the way you suggested.

    2.) Is it possible to upgrade from Nav 4.0 to Microsoft office 365? If so, will the 'code' or 'data' upgrading steps be similar? Or do we have do a re-implementation on this case?
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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    I am not a cloud fan I'm afraid, and don't know for sure.

    There is nothing dedicated for lower versions, but I guess you couls spin up vitrual machines on Azure, virtual SQL Server, and install old NAV on those. Then you would need to move and restore backups somehow.

    Never tried this myself in the cloud, but we do have all the stuff virtualized (in VMWare though).

    For NAV2018 I am not sure if it is avalable yet. It is supposed to be as far as I know.

    For the Office 365 Business Edition you would have to reimplement your customisations as extensions, as far as I understand latest MS trends. Which is quite a limiting factor in my view. Aslo interfacing with other on-premises systems, if you have any, migt be challenging.

    As for bringing in the data from on-prem NAV to - not sure how to approach this too. Export data on prem into files (CSV? XML?) and import them into D365 perhaps?

    I am quite sure that there are cloud fans / specialists here on Mibuso, so perhaps someone will chime in.
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    bhaydonbhaydon Member Posts: 1
    We just did this move with a partner from Nav 4 to Nav 2017 cloud based.

    Nav feels like a product in transition at the moment, so I'm not enamoured with either the web or win client vs Nav 4, but the integration with Excel is useful, and rapidstart is superb for mass editing data outside of Nav. We used rapidstart to get all the data in. There are some practical limits with the amount of data to load in with rapidstart - I found about 10,000 lines of Item table data batched was best, some tables with less attributes might be double that - though the constraint might be on the hosting side since I have no idea resources they give.
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