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WildcardWildcard Member Posts: 26

I try to avoid some field in the factbox to improve lisibility.

The idea is: when you click on a record on a list, it will hide or show some calculated value in the factbox.

What I've done:

I set the visibility to true of the field in the open page.

After on Onaftergetrecord I have this:
MaterialVisible := Cost[2] <> 0;

I tested with a message and the MaterialVisible value is correct. I've set the includeindataset also to true.

Is it possible to do that ? Or I miss something ?



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    ErictPErictP Member Posts: 164
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    Did you set the property Visible from the Field you want to show/hide to MaterialVisible?
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    WildcardWildcard Member Posts: 26
    yes, I forced the material visible to false on the openpage and the field is hidden. It is just not updated when I click on a other line of the list. (The value of cost[2] is udpated).
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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    Put the field into a separate group with only this field in it and set the visibility on the group level
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