Problem with excel addIn

AitorEGAitorEG Posts: 269Member
First of all, I'm following this step for configuring the excel AddIn:

But when I export he excel, I cannot load any data from the server.

BEsides, I'm trying to conenct the excel addIn in a blank file:


What URL should I introduce here? The WebClient URL?

Thank you for your help!


  • AitorEGAitorEG Posts: 269Member
    This is what loads when I try to open the downlaoded excel:

  • AitorEGAitorEG Posts: 269Member
    I think that the URLs are making me a mess.

    These are my URLS:
    Web Client URL                          :
    NAV WebClient with AAD auth.  :

    The excel that I'm downloading, that can't load the data from the Users, as this server configuration:

    Which should be the URL to introduce in azure? The Web Client URL ? Or the NAV WebClient with AAD auth.?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    THank you all

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