How to move data from Sales order Line information to another document page Line.

In which trigger need to write code to move data from sales Order line information to another document page.


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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    Could you be more clear about your requirements?

    Answering your question - you should probably use all three triggers: OnInsert, OnModify and OnDelete in Sales Line.
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    Thanks for the Reply Slawek!
    my requirement is to design a document page and call that page in sales line reference. When i entered the data in the sales order page then that data should moves into created page. I had tried this but i am getting only header information not the line data and here as follows that i had done. I called that page in sales line under Function Action and took a local function in Sales Order subform and written the code as

    X.No := SalesHeader."No.";

    Y."No" := X.No;
    Y."Line No" := SalesLine."Line No.";

    Where X is created header and Y is created Line and i had X primary key as No and Y primary keys as No and Line No.
    Thanks In Advance.
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    I got solution where i miss and problem Solved......
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