NAV 2017 Bank Statement CSV import - Statement Amount - Decimal always null

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to import bank statement from CSV file into Bank Reconciliation panel.

A typical line is the following:

Stat.Date;Value Date;Amount;..

It correcly import date and text but nothing todo with the decimal so I see all the statement lines imported with correct fields but all statement amounts fields are zero.

I solved on NAV2018 where the flag "Overwrite Value" seems solving the problem in Data Exchange Definition/Field Mapping.

This flag is not available on NAV2017.

Any suggestion is appreciated



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    CiroYUPCiroYUP Member Posts: 2
    Hello BT, thank for your support!

    Decimal format displayed in NAV is #.###,## and is the same in the file and in the system settings.
    I checked the decimal format of the system (it was already ok) and copied the settings to the Current User/Welcome Screen/New User Accounts.
    Restarted NAV but didn't solve.

    Gone deeper on the flag "Overwrite Value" in NAV2018..is not that one changing the result.

    I also changed manually the CSV content putting different formats but no one is imported.

    If you have in mind other places where to check the format let me know.


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    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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