Multi-Language issues after moving database

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Hi all,

We have moved our clients nav 2013 R2 (build 7.1.35473.0) database to a different domain (SQL backup and restore on new machine). After setting up the new server we are experiencing issues with multi language functionality. It's mostly just small things like menu items on the ribbon being half in English half in Dutch. But we also have bigger things like the below:
On opening the General Journal we get an error saying:

After some investigation we found that somehow the option caption is not translated and it's trying to filter on Gen. journal template type "General" instead of "Algemeen" in dutch. See below picture the result of debugging:


As you can see the filters applied are Type :"General" , Recurring: "Nee"
So somehow NAV is not finding the translation of the filter when it's applied.
The filter is coming from the Gen. Journal Batch but I have checked the field and it has all the correct captions:

Everything was working fine in the old environment we did the same debugging see below:

Any ideas much appriciated :smile:
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