All sales invoice header disappeared but not sales invoice line in NAV 2016

santeloisanteloi Member Posts: 6

We're running Dynamics NAV 2016 9.0.49424.0 over SQL 14.0.1000.169

All our sales invioce header records have disappeared but not the sales invoice line. Our license doesn't allow to do this and we don't use any SQL sentences to change any records from our database. We have 2 Business Intelligence programs and several PDAs that access to the database but only to read records.

Does anybody have any ideas on what could have happened ?

Thanks a lot.


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    santeloisanteloi Member Posts: 6
    Hello again,

    We've found what was the cause to have deleted all invoice records but we have some questions still. The problem was a 'simple' developping error but why the system allowed to delete it ? Our license doesn't allow to delete registered sales but anyway, in case the header records are deleted, why not the invoice sales line records that are linked the other table ?

    Does anybody have any clue ?

    Thanks a lot,

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    YutavoYutavo Member Posts: 7
    Hello sateloi,

    Let me guess: "TempSalesHeader.DELETEALL" for non temporary record?

    When you remove lines from code, and do not use TRUE parameter- you can remove whatever you want.

    Best regards,
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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    Normal licens does allow deleting posted documents.
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