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Good morning,

I'm looking for freelance projects in Berlin or Vienna (am currently in Berlin)

Any tips what companies I might approach ?

My knowledge is from 15+ years experience in programming and consulting for Dynamics Nav, from the oldest to newest versions + a strong background in c# and Microsoft SQL/IIS administration + some experience with linux and python. I've done web projects - and know html/css/javascript quite well - but would like to focus on backend.

All tips welcomed - I can hit the ground running, if you need immediate help.

Best regards,


  • kvbkvb Member Posts: 107
    i believe you can find some projects via or
  • AKAK GermanyMember Posts: 226
    BlackTiger wrote: »
    There is no freelancing market in NAV. Partially because of very unfriendly licensing.

    What?! I get offers to do freelancing projects nearly every day. And I'm not even a freelancer any more. Just post your profile with NAV experience at linkedin and xing and you will get offers.
    And getting a developer licence isn't as hard as it was in the early days.

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    How can you get a personal developer license? Can you sare some links, please?
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    BlackTiger wrote: »
    There is no freelancing market in NAV. Partially because of very unfriendly licensing.

    I'm afraid you're wrong about this. A NAV freelancer does not have to own a dev license. As far as I know a person (a freelancer) can't buy a dev license. But as a dev freelancer you use the dev license of your customer (partner or customer that purchases dev license). That leads me to ask @AK about what he said: how getting a developer license isn't as hard ?

    On another note, @NonameNav : as already said update your LinkedIn profile and get in touch with recruitment companies (I cite Nigel Frank because it is already cited). They will find for you opportunities whenever/wherever you want. Of course you'll have to share the pie with them. So basically it is not that hard to find freelance opportunities for NAV... Unless you want to keep all the pie for yourself :)
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