TXT2AL: ExportToNewSyntax not available in NAV 2017 finsql.exe ?

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Hi all,

I just started trying to convert a NAV 2017 project from C/SIDE to NAV 2018 AL-Language with the TXT2AL conversion tool. In doing so I tried to extract objects from the application database through finsql.exe by unsing the command parameter ExtractToNewSyntax but I found this does only work from NAV 2018.
The current project is still based on NAV 2017 but the object export with ExtractToNewSyntax doesn't work from there.
So my assumption is finsql.exe NAV 2017 doesn't support the ExtractToNewSyntax command and I have to merge the NAV 2017 C/SIDE modifications to NAV 2018 C/SIDE first in order to be able to export them from there for usage by the TXT2AL conversion tool.

Does anybody know if this is the right procedure or am I overseeing something ?

Many thanks in advance

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    andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 73
    Hi geronimo,

    thank you for the confirmation.
    I agree, it depends on the requirements. In this case I am looking at a customization based on NAV 2017 which I am going to convert to an extension in NAV 2018 . Thus I'll have to convert the additional objects as well as some modifications in standard objects from C/AL to AL.

    A technical update of the database to NAV 2018 should work for getting the objects exported as required for the TXT2AL tool. In addition, I would also need to have a converted NAV 2017 baseline in order to get the standard objects extracted which I would require for building the deltas.

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