Import XMLport: error the attribute is not declared

VhiteVhite Member Posts: 8

While importing an xml file using an XMLport I get the following error:

I do not understand the reason after this as the attribute has been added to the XMLport:
The properties of this attribute in the XMLport:

Snippet of the xml file I am trying to import, I have marked the attribute that fails:

Does anybody now why this error could occur?
I am using Navision 2017 version 10.0.18609.0


  • GavNavGavNav Member Posts: 10
    Hi. Did you ever get an answer to this or resolve the issue?
  • VhiteVhite Member Posts: 8
    Hello GavNav,

    If I remember correctly I was not able to solve this problem directly and I had to use a workaround.

    I have since then changed employee and can no longer look in the code how we did this workaround,
    but it is possible that we did not use an XMLport in the end at all, but parsed the xml file by code.
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