Transfer Field from Sales Header to Invoice Header

idonavidonav Posts: 29Member
I would like to transfer a field from Sales Header to Sales Invoice Header.

The field I want to transfer is field no "5794" - my license does not allow me to create this field in Invoice Header, so I can not use the transferfields function which would do it automatically.

Where should I write the code (in the cleanest way) to transfer this field to a field no in the 50000 series in sales invoice header?

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  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 141Member

    What Slawek_Guzek suggest is totally correct.

    But just in case I want to remind you that there is a reason why Sales Invoice Header does not have 5794, when you use get shipment line in Sales invoice, there is a possibility that one sales header can have multiple 5794(Shipping Agent Service Code), in that case, you should add (Shipping Agent Service Code) in Sales Invoice Line instead of Sales Invoice Header.
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