AD issue between different versions of Navigator - Event ID: 4625

tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
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We're in the midst of an upgrade to Navigator 2017 and I'm hitting an interested issue. We have a couple of users that have access to Navigator 2009 with their AD account, but when we set them up in Navigator 2017 with the same AD account it isn't working. I've verified the setup and the passwords, even re-created it all a few time without any luck. Has anyone ever hear of anything like this?

On the application server I'm seeing the following in the Security log
Event ID: 4625
Security ID: NULL SID
Failure Reason: The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this machine.

This has persisted after a reboot of the application and database servers.



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    tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
    It appears to be a Group Policy issue. It's been resolved...hopefully...
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