Global Dimension process change in Nav 2018

Anyone have experience in Global dimension functionalty in Navision 2018.
Please help me to sort out this problem with your valuable feedback....


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    Could you describe the problem? We are implementing NAV2018 in two companies and we have not encountered any problems with the Global Dimensions.

    Tomáš Kapitán
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  • Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually I am facing two type of issue in Navision 2018 W1 version due to change in Global dimension functionality.

    1) I am not able to change or replace dimension code as earlier version we did due to disable of the dimension fields and i am not clear on status feature also. (Screenshot for your Reference Global Dimension Pic1)


    2) When i set Global dimension in a company i am not able to do transaction due to Pop-up message( The Global dimension Code are being changed in the Table Gen. Journal Line) Reference see the attachment no 2 (Pic.2)

  • can anyone please help me to sort out this new feature?
  • BenSydneyBenSydney Posts: 56Member
    Have you tried using the 'Rerun' option for the incomplete line?
    (You will see the 'Rerun' option on the menu bar of the 'Log Entries' section)

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    Change Global Dimensions in NAV 2018 by Roberto Stefanetti
  • Thank you so much... Now its working fine...
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