Event subscriptions suddenly gone

TimoBoTimoBo Posts: 26Member
Maybe someone can help me figuring out the cause of this problem.

We had a database on NAV 2017 build 18609 that was running fine for a few days. Then suddenly all code in events didn't execute. The Event Subscriptions page was empty! Of course this was a big problem.

It was fixed by recompiling all objects and restarting the service.
But the big question is: What caused it???

Does anybody know?


  • KeptyKepty Posts: 40Member
    Hello TimoBo,
    We have a few clients where we used subscribers. We found that it could happen if you import the fob, or when you upgrade some important table structure (like sessions, users, etc...).

    We set up the rule that after any change in production version the codeunits which contain subscribers must be recompiled as the last step of test->production process.

    Now, one of our clients have 200+ subscriber functions and this problem didn't happen for 6 months.

    Tomáš Kapitán
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