Is it possible for Dynamics NAV server to use proxy pac for internet/outbound data connections?

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Hi everyone,
we have an installation (dynamics nav 2017) which the 2 azure vms where nav servers are staged are locked down from internet,and internet explorer is accessing internet through an automatic proxy configuration script.
For the time being this situation is not causing problems for the users because customer uses only web client, web client is seated in 2 web servers in front of nav servers in a DMZ.
The challenges we are encountering are two:
1.Customer wants to integrate with his Dynamics 365 Sales online services,but nav as is cannot establish connection through the url of CRM connection setup url.
2.A bought ssl certificate (not self signed) cannot be used in nav servers because nav servers cannot verify the CRL Distribution Point and access the url,so nav service isn't restarted/
Is there any way dynamics nav to use a proxy pac connecting to internet?Has anybody test it?
We will try amending group policy for nav service account proxy settings and what somebody can do to inherit from ie to windows applications the proxy configuration.
It would be much help for us,and much appreciated if somebody can guide to the correct solution or said cannot be done
Kind regards
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