How can I install cumulative update to NAV 2017?

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This will be the first time when I need to perform cumulative update on NAV environment 2017. How this looks like right now:

I've got installed NAV 2017 Version 10.0.16177, and Demo Database on two languages FI / ENG - nav is "clear" what means there is zero modifications on it.

What need to be done I need to upgrade it to newest cumulative version (update) of NAV 2017 (probably 19831). In my local resources I've got two .bak files - W1 and FI for platform version 10.0.19831

Could you tell me how it should be updated? I thought I can restore that database (FI one) and then choose it inside dev environment?


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    If there are no customizations, you won't need to do code merge.

    1. So uninstall old version
    2. Install new version
    3. Open db with Dev Environment to upgrade
    4. Import new objects from zip file (provided you downloaded the CU for your localized version)
    5. Compile all objects
    6. Synch db schema
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    Ewald Venter
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    Thank for the update @eYe
    1. Fine
    2. Fine
    3. Fine
    4. "Import new objects for zip file" - By objects you've got on your mind Finnish functionalities? Installing is fine but I'm wondering what next in order to install those functionalities. Later (after installation) I should just import fob object with enclosed FI?

    Please if this is possible, tell me how synchronization of the db shema should look like. Thank's from above ; )
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    Or make sure the old installation media is not available and run setup with "repair" and point to the new media during the repair process.
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    @Kermii ,

    Before you begin, make sure your current db and the CU you downloaded are the same localized version, FI in your case.

    If you are 100% sure there is no customization in current db, you can import the
    file and compile. It contains all the cumulative updates to objects since initial release.

    I think this link will give you all the detail you need:
    (Personally I prefer to uninstall and install new, over the manual patching process)

    Kind Regards
    Kind Regards,
    Ewald Venter
  • KermiiKermii Posts: 14Member
    Processing with that, thank you guys I will report my outcome : )
  • Hi All, if anyone can help me with this

    I am trying to install Cumulative Update, I read below mentioned article -

    I am not sure about below steps, can anyone please help me with below mentioned steps -


    The following components are defining the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Platform:
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Service Tier

    Does this means I need to Re-install Navision on every machine?

    Thanks in advance!!
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