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Does any know if new dev environment (NAV 2018) VS Code can be used to modify objects and create custom objects not as extensions but as you would do in C/SIDE? Just bit of confusion.



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    i would say no.

    As far as i know you can't import al files directly to the database except in the form of an extension. (havent tried it yet though)

    like for example there is no object type for a table extension in cside development, where would you then edit those?

    However you can edit the txt files of an export of the database. So in that form you can use VS code as a text editor. However i think the nav editor is handier to use.
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    Not yet, but MS plans to move everything to VS Code. As soon as AL can handle conventional source code as well, C/SIDE and with it C/AL will be shut down. That is what Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen told the audience at the last TechDays after Waldo's session.
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    Thanks every one..its helpful
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