Generating VAT Input report for BPV and CPV?

Hello everyone,

hope you all are doing good. I Have created VAT Payable (customers) and receivables (vendors )report for our monthly FTA audit. we have a requirement to include the CPV=Cash Payment Vouchers and BPV Bank payment vouchers in the VAT Receivables report.
I have used the default inbuilt report "VAT Calc. & Settlement Report" in NAV . But it includes all PPI's & PSI's all together. We Want to maintain two different reports on a monthly basis for Tax authorities as required.
I Have successfully made the VAT Payables report and even the receivables . But in receivables i am not able to include CPV's & BPV's .
Any one any idea how to club cpv & bpv with vendor name and TRN No. ?
I tried using the G/L Registers , G/L Entry tables as the data items but it dint work out too. Any suggestions and ideas?
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