Service Item creation from sale of Assembly Items

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For all of our serialized items we have the item card setup to automatically create Service Items during the posting of the sales order. We use the Service Items to track warranty through Service Orders.

My question is, if I create an Item with an Assembly BOM (the contents of the BOM are serialized items that are setup to create service items), is there a setting that will enable those BOM items to automatically create service item records when the sales order is posted?

In all of my testing, the only item that will ever create a service item record is the actual item no. that is on the sales order (regardless of if that item is the result of a linked assembly order).

Our company uses Assembly BOMs to kit items together at the time of sale and we need to be able to track warranty/service for those individual items within the Assembly BOM.

I've seen that the Service Item record that is created for the 'kit' item (the item that was on the sales order) there is an option to view the component list for that record (and then 'copy from BOM'), but that still doesn't track the component SN.

Any thoughts on if I'm just missing a simple setup - or would this require some modification?

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    tharden1tharden1 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info re 'BOM Item No.', I had been unaware of that field. But from what I can see, that field is system-controlled and only populated if I add an Assembly Item to the sales line and then choose to explode the BOM. At that point, the system deletes the original sales line (with the Assembly item) and creates new lines for each of the BOM components. So it is essentially removing the ATO process and posting all the individual lines, which seems to defeat the purpose of ATO.
    I'd like to explore that 'BOM Item No.' field further, if there is a way that it can be used to trigger creation of service items, but it sounds like it just doesn't work like that out of the box. I'm sure we'll have to take a look at codeunit 5920 next.
    Thanks again for your help AntHillMob!
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