White font color when entering data to nav from Phone or Tablet Client (NAV 2016 / 2017)

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We have 2 customers using NAV 2016 W1 CU 0 and NAV W1 2017 CU2. As the nature of their processes, they need to do some of their work with phone or tablet client. But when the user tries to enter any data through “Card” pages, the value entered has white font color hence it’s not readable. For example when you enter Item List, you can see all the values as we should. But if the user click +New to create a new Item, let’s say entering Description data, it’s not visible. You can enter the data without problem, but the font color of the entered data is white. There is no problem on WebClient and WebClient/tablet.aspx. Initially, we thought that it was a problem with NAV 2016, we encountered this again on NAV 2017. What kind of information do you need to know in order to give solution or at least some suggestions to solve this issue.

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