Application Area in NAV 2018 for on premise installations

borealisborealis Member Posts: 35
On the item card page there's a field "Type" where the visibility is set in OnOpenPage based on whether an Application Area Setup record with basic or suite values enabled exists. Yet everywhere else I see in code, that is governed by the ApplicationArea property of the field/action which, if no Application Area Setup record exists, appears to show it by default. Since the documentation explicitly says that this is for Dynamics 365, and not recommended for use in on premise installations, this seems to me to be a bug for on premise installations. The consistent thing to do would be to simply set the ApplicationArea for the type field to #basic,#suite, which if application areas were being used would correctly show or hide the field.

Does anybody have any insight on whether this is intentional or part of a new usage for the Application Areas?
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