How can show 1 line in list type page of multiple line in Table ?

I have created a new Table (Employee1) in which Fields are present (Sr No., Emp No,Emp Name,Amount).
I have also created a list type page through this table and I have entered 7 Entries in the Table and want to show only 1 line in list type page with the total of amount, how can be possible?
for your reference I have attached below screenshot...wfdaxns5byp3.png


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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    It doesn’t make sense to show it on entry lines.
    Instead create a flowfield, on employee table that sum the amounts, and show it there.
    Then you can also use a document page instead, to show it all in one page.
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    NavSolutionNavSolution Member Posts: 36
    Use Master-Slave Table Structure, like Header-lines, 1table for employees, 2nd for there Entry,
    Then use master table as list page.
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