Do standard texts no longer work with "?" in NAV2017?

kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
Hi experts!!

In Nav2009 the standard texts longer avaiable with "?", for example in the field description

But Nav2017 does not write anything

Is this function no longer???



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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    Hello, no the function regarding shortcuts for standard texts does not work anymore.
    You need developing to get this working again.
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    kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    wich type of developing?? where exactly?

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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,098
    [Topic moved from 'NAV/Navision Classic Client' forum to 'NAV Three Tier' forum]

    Regards,Alain Krikilion
    No PM,please use the forum. || May the <SOLVED>-attribute be in your title!

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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    We have solved this for a few customers by modifying the onvalidate trigger for the journal lines where they want the old functionality to work againg.
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    kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    I need it for sales invoice line description,

    Would it be in the On Validate of description, then..

    Ok I'll try it.

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    Torben_R.Torben_R. Member Posts: 99

    use NAV standard
    when Type is blank No. looks up in textcode
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